Happy New Year

Best wishes to all FMBL bowlings and their families for 2018

Please support a fellow bowler

Many of you will know Andy Jones from Hawkesbury

Please read Andy's story and help if you can.

"In December 2016, my husband Andy received the devastating news that he had a cancerous and aggressive brain tumour, a Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most common high grade primary brain tumour in adults.
Having undergone brain surgery, six weeks of radiotherapy and six months of the "gold standard" chemotherapy, his tumour, unfortunately showed subtle signs of progression. Since then, Andy has switched to a different chemotherapy but the tumour has continued to grow.
Whilst the NHS have been nothing but amazing, the treatment offered just isn't working so we now need to consider therapies and drugs that are available privately.

Andy is having his third surgery on 29th December to remove as much of the tumour as his neuro surgeon can physically see and then we need to hit it using treatment and therapy which is not available on the NHS but has been recommended via a second opinion we had in London.
The highest costing treatment is "Optune Therapy" which will involve Andy wearing 4 adhesive patches on his head for upto 22 hours a day to deliver therapy direct to the tumour area. This is a costly treatment and will also require monthly visits to London for maintenance, MRI's etc. Whilst it is not curative, we hope it will keep him here a lot longer.

It's a big thing for us to ask everyone for help and we honestly wouldn't ask if we didn't need to. Any donations/fundraising anyone can do to help would be REALLY appreciated.
In the event that Andy can't use the money raised, we will donate it straight to The Brain Tumour Charity for their essential research.

Many thanks for all your support, it means so much.
Nicola, Andy and Rhieyen xx"

click on the link to go to Andy's JustGiving page



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