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Because the system went down last night (Wednesday16th. June) and recovered with an earlier version it may be neccesary to re-input your result. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LAST MATCH RESULT


Access to Diggle Bowling Green

There is currently a one way system in operation for traffic approaching Diggle. Instead of turning right into the village drivers must follow the diversion signs which will add a further 2-3 miles to their journey. Parking will also be difficult as Ward Lane has double yellow lines (There will still be a few parking spots near the duck pond) otherwise it will have to be on Huddersfield Road. This will probably add an extra 15 minutes to their journey. Bowlers must only use the Private road at Weakey Green as a pedestrian access.



Because of the unusual circumstances, it has been decicided that a drawn player can be used whenever needed during the season, for this season only.
The 2021 season will now commence on 2nd. June and finish 29th. Sept.
New Fixtures have been produced (DO NOT USE 2020 FIXTURES)


Unfortunately Uppermill 'B', King Georges and Manor Park have withdrawn from the League

All fees paid for the 2020 season will be carried over to the 2021 season.


BCGBA–Return to Play Guidance for Affiliated Clubs, Counties and Associate Members



The government has confirmed that we'll move to Step 2 on Monday 12 April.

The major changes from this date for our clubs and members are highlighted below:

• Outdoor hospitality can open in accordance with the government guidance on hospitality settings

• Changing rooms can be opened, but participants should be encouraged to avoid or minimize use where possible. Participants should socially distance themselves whilst in changing rooms. Subject to available space, more than one household can use changing facilities at one time but they must not mix and must adhere to capacity limits set by the club

• Travel should be minimized but can take place for the purpose of sport and physical activity. Car sharing, however, isn't permitted

• Spectators are only allowed on public land, where they must adhere to a social gathering limit either in groups of six or two households

• Further flexibility has been provided with regard to playing formats and arrangements

To provide additional support to enable affiliated clubs to open safely, we are working in collaboration with the Bowls Development Alliance (BDA), Bowls England, and Disability Bowls England to develop club resources under the banner ‘Back to Bowls’.

This will include:

• Exclusive access to club resources including signage, posters, and sanitization products

• Risk assessment template

• Exclusive access to club resources including signage, posters, and sanitization products

• Case studies for ‘covid friendly’ sessions and formats

• Review of online booking systems

• Additional information for disabled participation is available.

If your club is not affiliated with BCGBA, please email us at registrar@bcgba.org.uk and we can take you through the affiliation process, including connecting you with your County Association. We recommend that all clubs consider this document together with the government guidance. All items may be adapted as necessary to meet your club’s specific circumstances, so long as your actions remain consistent with government advice and social distancing requirements. This guidance is applicable from Monday 29th March and replaces all previous guidance that we have issued. This guidance is applicable from Monday 12 April and replaces all previous guidance that we have issued.

Organized sport

For the sport of outdoor Crown Green bowls, any activity organized under the jurisdiction of BCGBA by affiliated clubs, counties, and associate members in accordance with this guidance is recognized as an organized sport in accordance with DCMS guidance. This includes:

• National Competitions

• District and county competitions involving affiliated clubs only

• District and county leagues involving affiliated clubs only

• Fixtures between affiliated counties

• Club fixtures between affiliated clubs

• Internal club events or organized sessions for club members

• Coaching by a qualified coach (see the section on coaching for details)

• On green training provided by the Bowls Development Alliance

Any activity not listed above is not recognized by BCGBA as an organized sport and will need to follow the guidance on outdoor legal gathering limits as this is considered to be an informal or self-organized sport. This includes any casual play (for example ‘roll-ups’) and any activity involving clubs, leagues, or associations not affiliated to Bowls England.

Whilst organized sport removes the restriction on legal gathering limits during participation, the relevant organizing body (club, county, league, or Bowls England) must consider the risks and set out ways to mitigate them so people can participate safely in accordance with this guidance. Informal or self-organized sport is not covered by any exemptions.

All previous cleaning & sanitizing guidelines are still in place, Hands, Face, Space, Equipment should be cleaned prior to and after any use along with all toilet & catering facilities & bowl house.