Administrator Page is the online community and 'live' results service for bowling leagues.
Your league can become a member of the BowlsNet community from just £10 a year.
This page is designed for League Administrators. You can:
 • Subscribe to via PayPal or Credit Card.
 • View the FaceBook TimeLine to keep up-to-date with the latest releases and issues.
 • Contact via the FaceBook Messages tab.
 • Contact via email.
 • Download "All But!" - which is now a support program for administrators.
 • If you have an urgent problem with then email me directly,
 • Alternatively, send me a message via the FaceBook Messages tab.
 • If you want to have a discussion, or get help on a related topic from the community,
   then add a comment on the FaceBook TimeLine.
If you are not an administrator and have a LEAGUE related issue then please do not contact directly.
Only YOUR league secretary can deal with YOUR league issues (wrong results or averages, registrations, spelling mistakes etc).
A new incarnation of "All But!" is available for download, providing offline features for league administrators under Windows.
It allows the generation of fixtures offline, providing support for complex leagues (if the online version isn't good enough).
It also allows:
 • The conversion of old "All But!" files, making them readable by BowlsNet.
 • The generation of HTML competition sheets (as provided by my ARCHIE program - in memory of my dad).


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When started in 2013, there was just 20 leagues hosting their 'All But!' database LIVE on
Over the next 4 years this climbed to 60, then 100, then 150, and in 2017 over 170 leagues became members of the online community.
Who knows how many for 2018, why not join them!
Use to have live, up-to-the minute access to the current season and peruse any uploaded previous seasons.
Features include:
• View fixtures / tables / averages / results / team or player history.
• Allow teams to enter match results online.
• View and update team contacts / green details / player registrations and team eligibility.
• Print reports or paste into word processor / spreadsheet / e-mail etc.
• FULL administrative control of your own database and integrated website.